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  1. hi dr.deb. thank you for your kind comments over on my blog. i want to thank you for posing info that you post. unnrftuoately, i’m in a relationship where he dosen’t believe in seeking help for any issues. it’s very stressing to know your significant other will not support your efforts.he’s especially into the one where it’ll just go away if you want it bad enough. so misinformed he is. oh well

  2. I am not a native speaker then it is much harder to struggle with English native speakers in blogging niche. However, most of bloggers now are not native speakers but they know how to get attention from the community. Blogging teachs me a lot of things and help improve my English too :-)

  3. · You have popsicle weather?! Jealous! You’re absolutely right…I think the messages become more powerful when you hear the same things from different circles of people. Then subconsciously I find myself thinking, “Yes, Sam and I shouldn’t work from home together. Our relationship will suffer…” In reality, I love having lunch with him and we’ve worked out a great ‘I’m in my office, you’re in your office routine’. We make our own ways, eh? Happy week to you and Tim!

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  5. As so often on Mondays I did almost all of this quickly (for me, anyway) and ended up with two – 21a and 12d – that I couldn’t get for ages. I did enjoy it and thought there were some good clues, although I agree about the large number of double definitions. I also thought that the anagram count was low. Probably heading towards a 2* for me today, just because of my two minor hiccoughs!I liked 1, 10 and 22a and 2, 6, 13 and 19d.With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  6. Mens, wat een mooie stofjes heb je daar weer liggen!Geen wonder dat je likkenbaardend plannetje begint te maken.Ik wens je heel veel succes (en wat een schattige eierdopjes!!! Ik heb ze jaren gespaard!)groetjes,

  7. Great cover cliff, you really gotta plead editorial to bring back the neal adams outfit!Great job on issue 2 as well, i’m really digging this.And thanks for drawing in my Doc 13 book at Midtown last month!

  8. Weis is a great hire in the short term because he will develop a powerful Florida offense that will be almost unstoppable for two or three years. Weis is a bad hire in the long term because he won’t be around long leaving a huge hole that will have a negative effect for two or three years.

  9. That is some great advice!! Thx for the kind words!Thanks for allowing me to take part in this post Grace! I appreciate it!I am honored to be facing off against Calvin, woah, I have the utmost respect for him! He is without a doubt one of my best buds on twitter, so Its all in good fun!Great Idea for a post, keep up the great work!!

  10. diyor ki:ne güzel tespitler bunlar, hepsini ayrı ayrı duydum ama birlikte okuyunca yüzümde tebessüm oluÅŸtu. OÄŸlumu bırak 40′ı hastaneden eve cıktıgımızda basladım gezdirmeye. : ) büyükleri ziyaret etti henüz 3 gunluktu. o gun bu gundur geziyoruz. ilk yıkamada bizde taÅŸ, altın vs koyduk, ama gobek dusmesini beklemedim. 15 gunluktu dustugunde. ama hala ayrılamadım ben, sarıp sarmaladım 2 yıldır evde saklıyorum. birsey yapmam lazım mıydı acaba?keyifle ve merakla takip ediyorum seni. sevgilerGD Star Ratingloading…

  11. , courts will try to avoid holding that a newer law implicitly repealed an older law simply because they can be interpreted as conflicting. Repealing a law usually requires an explicit statement by the legislature (e.g. “The XYZ Act is hereby repealed” or “Section 2 now says thus and so”).

  12. lité44 : vous avez raison pour « au final », qui semble s’imposer comme une traînée de poudre. Avez-vous remarqué la grande vogue des expressions tournant autour de « Ãªtre dans » pour remplacer le verbe direct : « Ãªtre dans la contestation » pour « contester », « Ãªtre dans le refus » pour « refuser », etc.

  13. Archerr: Actually, I thought I looked like a bug, too. I can’t tell you how glad I was to be rid of those things!Wes: I see really well new. But it takes up to three months for visions to stablise, so I don’t know for sure how it’ll end up, though it’s sure to be good.

  14. I personally am waiting until marriage to have sex, for numerous reasons (not because of religion). Most of the time, I hear about girls/women waiting until marriage, I don’t hear much about men/guys waiting.I get a little worried sometimes that I won’t be able to find a guy/man that will wait with me until marriage.I have nothing against people not wanting to wait, I just want to know what do guys think about it.Thank you!

  15. you may have a problem with the angels and tetras but all fish are different you might be ok i am looking after an angel for my friend at the moment and it has not attacked any of my neons also i dont think you will have a problem with shrimp they are so fast i doubt anything will catch them

  16. 92 10-12-11 spune: sa raspunzi la intrebari, cum te-am rugat mai sus1. cu ce aplicatie rulezi filmul ?2. ti se face ecranul negru si cand te uiti la un film de pe youtube in fullscreen? +43V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  17. Actually, homemade pizza can be very healthy. If you have a bread machine it can make a nice ball of dough for you and you can use whole grain flours. We are allergic to yeast and many grains, so we make ours out of almond flour. My son loves pizza so I make it often. If Jaime tweets you, you'll have to brag so we can all be jealous.

  18. Working for a FOX Affliate, I am shocked to see Steve Jones still on the show.I almost cannot watch the show because of him. He looks very uncomfortable, extremely insincere, no compassion whatsoever and way toserious for this type of show.

  19. Har följt din blogg ett tag nu och har inte skrivit något hittills (svårt att uttrycka mig så det blir bra) men jag hoppas du får hjälp med magen på sjukhuset imorgon och att du får så mycket tid du kan med din familj och dina vänner. Ingenting är rättvist i den här världen!

  20. The Blood Bowl community is amazing. I managed BB for GW for a while, and was always impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of them as a group. DreadBall has put me back in contact with quite a few folk from the BB community and the story they tell me is one of slow stagnation. Even with the support of third parties making new models and suchlike, together with fan designed teams, it’s not as vibrant as it used to be. The fact that it’s done as well as it has it what is impressive though.

  21. Wir haben heute auch einen Ausschnitt von Moby Dick gelesen!!Der Brief von E. ist schon am Freitag angekommen. Das war trotz Thanksgiving schnell. Jonathan hat sich sehr gefreut.

  22. It’s a difficult matter, that whole Pirate Bay thing. As you say, they’re causing damage to the music industry. Are they damaging the music itself? Or just the industry? Because ‘the industry’ represents everything that’s wrong about music nowadays. At least, I strongly feel that way. All the loveliest and most interesting music will find its way to us anyway. I know I’m probably naive and also may not represent a lot of people with my particular taste in music, but there’s way too much ‘industry’. Which is not saying that I agree with or support what The Pirate Bay is doing.

  23. Was reading your blog last night, and then saw this quote today and thought of this post:“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.” ~ Sumner RedstoneThanks for being brave & bold!

  24. Hey Elliot,The documentation states: “To combine several filters, group them in a ‘FilterChain’ instance.” – however, I don’t see a FilterChain class included anywhere in the framework, so I’m going to assume it’s something that’s coming soon. Filters are still a beta feature, so it’s likely this is being worked on even as I type. But of course other than enjoying playing with the Starling framework, I have no connection to Gamua, so I really can’t say what may be in store or if it will be possible to mix filters down the road…

  25. Meme si se n'est pas le 21/12/12, il parle au dessus de avril 2013 ça ne change rien une planete/Naine brune telle que Nibiru ne peut se situer dans notre systeme solaire sans avoir était ultra facilement détecté… De plus j'ai une question Rorschach, quand tu parle du seisme de malaisie due a l'alignement avec saturne… Saturne est aligné avec quoi?

  26. c027c“Qu’est-ce que cela montre ? Que fondamentalement, l’occident n’est pas parvenu à améliorer sa technologie au cours des trente dernières années.”En quoi l’exemple particulier que vous exposez démontre t’il un phénomène aussi général?  Est ce vrai dans tous les secteurs d’activité, dans tous les pays occidentaux? Vaste sujet sur lequel je ne pense pas qu’on puisse tirer une conclusion aussi générale que la votre, et certainement pas à partir de sa seule expérience personnelle, aussi passionnante soit elle!7f4

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  28. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Thanks

  29. To the OP. If the last moment your referring to is the same one that me tear up… you are right, it was perfectly placed. So much so, it didnt even occur to me that it had not happened earlier in the movie… he held out on that bit till the very end. And it blew me away.I know many ppl will not like Avatar… but even after seen it again with the added minutes (which I suggest the OP to go see) it is one of the only movies to literally give me goosebumps (and not because the AC was cranked on high).

  30. El Camino es efectivamente un masterpiece,una obra maestra.dead and gone 9sister 9nova baby 9hell of a season 9stop,stop 8,5mind eraser 8,5lonely boy 8,25gold of the ceiling 8,25Insuperable,lo mejor del siglo 21,es decir lo mejor de los últimos 11 años.

  31. August 17, 2012 at 12:01 pmHey! I totally understand! Baby steps! Having published those TWO books, covering the entire Tarot, is already a MONUMENTAL accomplishment! (The result of all those baby steps.) I am in awe of all that you ~do~ achieve, Dixie! I really ought to take a page from you! I start so much that I never finish. You, on the other hand, have started and finished so much, over the years — and I have benefited so much and so frequently from your various enterprises! Thank you! Reply

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  34. … e fu lo scisma… Mercalli sì o Mercalli no?Una cosa è certa: finché un relatore si basa su dati incontrovertibili la sua ideologia non conta. Almeno finché quest'ideologia non prende il sopravvento e "scombina" i dati per giungere a conclusioni diverse.Personalmente Mercalli non mi ha mai fatto molta simpatia. Una macchietta nerd-o-comica inserita in un programma che di meteorologia, in senso stretto, proprio non parlava. Ma magari questo è il mio preconcetto, la mia "ideologia" che mi limita gli orizzonti…

  35. ESO – yeah, the grumpy old man schtick didn’t play well last night. And what was the deal with him standing in the background looking like he was ready to pounce whenever Obama stood up to ask a question? Take your seat, sir. I think at some point during the debate an aide motioned for him to get back behind his chair and stop vulturing. I feel sorry for McCain, he should have won in 2000. His time has come and gone.

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  37. Cqc hoje sem o Tas?????? Com o Datena???????? Isso é provisório ou temporário????MéééO DéééOLs, vai perder toda a essência do programa, não é desmerecendo o Datena, mas vamos combinar q não tem NADA A VE.Decepcionada!

  38. 212Thank you so much for this recipe I will be real brawani after I make this lol I am brawani thou but I am learning a lot from you guys now … I didn’t used to pay attention when my mom and older sisters used to cook our traditional food but after we all got married and separated to around the globe I missed eating all that but thank God I discovered your site!! I tell my sisters their recipes is too hard to follow n I found easy way lol thanks a lot sister n brother!!10d

  39. # 5Odwrócenie P/E pomaga, gdyż łatwiej jest wtedy porównywać z rentownością obligacji, ale niestety nie tłumaczy jeszcze wszystkiego.Wieczorem, jak trochę zelżeje upał, lasujący mi mózgownicę, postaram się szerzej przedstawić ścisły i bezpośredni związek miedzy wysokością stopy procentowej a wartością firmy i ceną akcji spółki.Właściwa optyka może być pomocna miłośnikom rynku.

  40. That female officer actually did not do the 'right thing'. One blow to the head or any other location can kill a human. She should have opened fire with her service weapon on the two piggies.

  41. A 20% Arab minority created through ethnic cleansing and colonialism (ONGOING). A 20% Arab minority that is regularly discriminated against and has token political representation (and no meaningful weight). A 20% Arab minority that lived under martial law until 1966. A 20% Arab minority that Israeli Jewish politicians publicly express a desire to get rid of.

  42. Crooks will always have guns no matter what the law is, England has found that out. Chicago is a joke as is Obama. Their are more crooks their than just about any ware in the U.S. , well there is one less now that he is in Washington DC.

  43. I’m going to say it again for those that seem to be hung up on the presentation quality of « lionheart ».Just because the guy does not qualify as marital quality stock for your sister is not sufficient cause to collapse his rights as an individual.His case should be taken up by capable legal representation on all fronts asap if he wants something better than a snowball’s chance in hell.

  44. Yes, Kaku is a fine example of how out-of-touch much of academia has become these days. Although, in defense of academics everywhere, I should point out that the eccentric Michio is much more a showman and celebrity than an academic these days. A Richard Feynman he is not. He's not even a Carl Sagan.Frankly, I've wondered for several years whether he's on drugs.

  45. There are some services which try to do that. The problem is folks who don’t want to cooperate, like Facebook — try to get an outgoing RSS stream from them. They used to make them available, but as far as I can tell, no more (though I have a few still going). My guess is they prefer the traffic and therefore the ad impressions.

  46. WMG overdone with copyright rules. I do not want to change music in my movies for other because I had been exactly this and no other music for my movies. My movied just for fun and pleasure, anyway nobody can download movies nor music from Youtube, so it can not be used for comercial puropse. WMG is SOO particular and crazy and avid to the money! Calm down WMG!!!

  47. j’ai lu votre échange avec J.Peyrelevade, très intéressant. Mais il n’en ressort absolument pas que cette histoire de 15% est une « légende urbaine »: si je comprends bien, vous êtes tombé d’accord avec lui pour dire qu’il existe bel et bien un objectif de 15% de ROE comptable pour les grandes entreprises, imposé par les grands investisseurs; objectif irréaliste, comme le montre le rendement réel à long terme de la Bourse qui est bien inférieur. J’ai bien résumé ?

  48. One last jab. "Transparency"? Google? The content that Google have removed apparently accounts for about 1% of music streams – but they know that by targeting the superstars they can make out that all bands and record companies are mega-rich and mega-greedy. WIth public opinion on their side, they'll screw the other 99% with no one even noticing.

  49. for morphology as well.However, with English, it’s hard to say because many of the words that are in the language are borrowed, so what might be applied to one word will not apply to another. There could be groups of words that certain rules will apply to, but others it won’t.

  50. Så fin bild och å vad fin du är! Har glömt att svara ang. smycken, men jag gör lite olika beroende på vad jag gör, men de verktyg jag använder är oftast tänger för att klippa av kedjor och fästa ihop med ringar osv.

  51. I am flattered that you chose to share this with your readers.It is important to note that I am writing for the perspective of a mom of an 11,9,&8 year old.. I’ve had a LONG time to get to where I am.. it TOOK a long time to get here… Hindsight is 20/20…Embrace being a mom.. but admit that sometimes it sucks and you need a break. One day.. (literally ONE DAY… )it just happens.. you wake up and everything moves a little bit slower… and there are less (or no) diapers and less whining and you get things done… It will happen. I promise

  52. Fellow Nigerians,I hereby move the motion for immediate resignation of these federal ministers of the republic: minister for petroleum{ALLISON DIEAZANI},minister for finance{NGOZI OKONJO IWEALA}and minister for defence{HARLIYU};for negligence,dereliction of duty and disseminating wrong information about Nigeria to Nigerians.

  53. Your blog made my day, and I’m sure everyone in my office is wondering why on earth the crabby girl is in her office giggling!Had no idea Facebook actually cut you off at a certain point. Unreal! Good thing I just did the fan page…I think.Saw you at Pepperdine. Amazing. Thank you for giving concerts like that. Looking forward to seeing another one. And to seeing “13″!

  54. Thanks for the fab reviews!!Hoping you can help answer a question that I am having troubles finding the answer to.Specs say that the 405 does not provide heart rate based calorie computation. But the summary image shows calories. Is this just an ‘estimate’ of your calories burned based on information other than HR?Thanks, T

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  56. friends.running a forum is more than just…about letting every tom, dick and harry join and then letting them dictate the ‘mood’ of the forum. it’s up to you, as the administrator, to set some ground rules and abide by them.firstly, you must manually activate every new member…

  57. Me gusto este debate… ahora son las 2:05 am y se me cierran los ojos… pero prometo contar la historia de mi madre, que no tenia para comer cuando chica y cuando digo que no tenia para comer lo digo de verdad “NO TENIA PARA COMER” es bastante larga la historia para contarla ahora, pero prometo hacerlo… Les mando un saludo.

  58. Cara Drª Clara:Excelente texto.Quando os trabalhadores são admitidos não porque sejam importantes para as entidades que os admitem, mas por outros interesses, como tantas vezes tem acontecido com o Estado, tudo o que seja falta ou greve é poupança.Quando os trabalhadores são admitidos, porque importa à empresa admiti-los, assim sendo importantes para a empresa, a negocição para evitar faltas e greves é interessante para todos.

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  60. It should work well. There are some Shure bullets that are low impedance that might not work. If it has a guitar type plug then it would work fine. The tube Peaveys are underrated. I think they have a good sound. They might have too much gain for a microphone, but you can swap out the 12AX7 tubes for 12AU7 tubes and lower the gain and get a nice response out of it.

  61. 125Eliza!Lehet, hogy félre értettem a pályázatot, mert az “Én” című írás másik oldalát írom. Kitalálod, hogy melyik a másik oldala. Ugye, nem baj? Ha kész a mű átküldöm.Kézcsókom Neked, Eliza.Kálmán

  62. effectively my friend made a weblog and he won’t show me what his blog is until he finishes everything with it. So i was wondering if there was a way to find someones blogger with their email address. If anyone could show me how. thatd be great thanks!.

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  64. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Der Stand ist aber auch toll, dank WoJ haben Andrea und ich angefangen Stempelmotive zu colorieren, unseren ersten WS hatten wir am Stand von WoJ mit Dir *gg*.Wir freuen uns schon riesig auf Samstag und schicken vorab liebe GrüßeClarissa

  65. Es un artículo ligero, literario que no científico, lo cual es obvio. No pretende ser una tesis doctoral fundamentada ni es necesario un sobresaliente en Teoría de la Literatura para entender que sus afirmaciones no son alusiones al colectivo de filólogos. ¿Qué pasa, que cada vez que se escribe algo tiene que considerarse una alusión destructiva? Lástima que los profesores que enseñan Beowulf no suelan contar con la capacidad sobrehumana de enseñar adultez. Sí, verguenza debería darte. Pero desde luego no la pereza, sino la ligereza de juicio, impropio de cualquier titulado superior.

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  67. Da si eu dau 1-2 :) Dar blitu era prea puternic si dupa 1 strat arata de parca nu m-am dat cu nimic.@Monica: Awww thank youuu! :$ Nu stiu daca contin fiecare culoare dar ochiu drept sigur e jumate verde-jumate albastru (se vede mai bine la lumina). I am proud of them, not gonna lie :h@Ella: Mersii :) Tare ma tenteaza si cel curbat, eu am genele destul de drepte.

  68. I remember getting an email once called "porn for women". At first I was horrified but seeing it was from my SIL I went ahead and opened it.It was full of pictures of men cooking and cleaning.Awesome.And we don't iron anything around here. That's why I always hang things up fresh out of the dryer.

  69. I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this specific situation and it does indeed offer us a lot of fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, from everything that I have experienced, I really wish as other commentary pack on that people today continue to be on issue and in no way start upon a tirade associated with some other news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this superb point and even though I do not really go along with the idea in totality, I regard your perspective.

  70. entre connaissance et information. colombeEt si vous en tenez pour différence -après Deleuze qui y a sacrifié-songez aussi que peu aujourd’hui, au temps du mediator, oseraient s’avancer comme « la connaissance » et moins encore comme « l’information », même tempérées (d’adverbes).

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  72. LTTL – thanks for giving the link to your new blog, not on HP much so may have missed your grand opening.Good to see others here from HP and good to see that your creative writing style has an outlet.Wish you the best of luck, will check in daily and agree with Strega, a good St. Ronnie bashing is good for the soul, look forwark to it.

  73. Dang, I wish we lived closer – our guys would so love playing together. And that would spare me from constantly having to have lightsaber duels with Jude in the backyard! Jude doesn’t know it yet, but the Easter Bunny is bringing him a Darth Maul double lightsaber, which is going to make him LOSE his mind!Gretchen blogged this:

  74. Normally within the fimaly it isn’t a problem.It sounds like she hasn’t been paying the agreed rent though in which case I could understand the Grandfather being upset.Without a lease agreement, she has no legal rights it sounds like she needs to get her stuff and get out though, if he’s going to be a jerk, she doesn’t need to have anything to do with him.

  75. mai28 Moi aussi j’aime ça la laitue iceberg! Rien de mieux pour crouncher un sandwich.. Elle a mauvaise réputation pourtant. Plus jeune, ma mère l’appelait…. »la laitue des pauvres »(ouch!). Puis la mayo à l’avocat, quelle bonne idée!

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